Website Survey

Please give us your feedback on whether you see a need for maintaining our class website for future events and maintaining connection with your Heights classmates.  The current annual cost is $97.00 and we are paid through November 15, 2011.  Please respond whether you would like the website to be renewed in November or let expire. 

If you prefer to have the website active, please indicate if you are willing to provide monetary support to maintain the website on an annual basis. 

If we maintain the website, what would you like to see on the website? Let us know if you have found the site beneficial and provide your comments below.

Thank you!!

Heights Class of '80 Committee

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1)   * Should the Heights Class of 1980 website to be maintained on an ongoing basis?

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2)   * The annual expense is currently $97.00 and is paid through November 15, 2011. Would you be willing to provide support to pay the maintenance fee for the website?

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3)   Provide comments or suggestions on the website you would like to see.